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How to manage your money to avoid debt trapMany people often get into debt just through the mismanagement of their money and not because they are irresponsible but mainly due to their lack of money management skills.

In fact it is not only individuals who fall into the debt trap but many companies & governments are going down the same terrifying route that causes so many people so much hardship.

This website is all about not only helping you manage your money but also about providing advice on personal finance issues including everything from advice to passing your CFA exam to debt consolidation to getting short term funding in the form of a personal loan.

Not only are we about providing helpful information on money matters, but we will also put you in touch with financial institutions & leading investment companies that can help you with credit & provide you with financial assistance in times of need.

 We Are Passionate About Helping People Plan For Their Future & Avoiding Debt

It’s a fact that most people live from payday to payday (70% of Americans do) & you can bet that just about all of these people do not have any financial plan in place for the future.

The scary thing is that a 40 year old only has about 240 paydays left until he retires at age 60 which is not that comforting if you haven’t done any financial planning for the future…

I’ve met many of these people & their attitude is that there is plenty of time for putting something away for the future & that something miraculous will happen to improve their financial fortunes.

Unfortunately they live on credit, do not contribute to a savings account & are fast getting into the downward spiral of a debt trap where you are basically funding your debt with credit.

Our Tips & Advice Are Aimed At Helping You Avoid These Situations

  • The average American is only 3 paydays away from losing their home.
  • More than 90% of Americans have no financial plan or savings for their retirement – in fact they have insufficient retirement income to maintain their current lifestyle.
  • 80% of new business ventures fail within the first 5 years often due to financial mismanagement
  • Debt & personal finance situations are the number one cause for stress & suicide amongst men
  • A Forbes Magazine study revealed that as much as MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is touted as a sure way to earn big money, only 1% ever make enough money to even pay back what they’ve put into it.
  • If you use a credit card for any purchases you are likely to spend significantly more than you would if you had paid with cash
  • Only 3% of Americans are debt free
  • 40% of American households are spending more than they earn annually – therefore getting deeper into debt
  • The number one reason for the over 50% divorce rate in the US is money problems
  • One of the major causes of drug & alcohol abuse is personal financial problems.

The main message coming out of these statistics is that people who don’t have a plan to manage their financial affairs are succumbing to debt & living miserable lives as a result – make sure you aren’t one of them…

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