CFA Authorized Calculators

CFA Approved Calculators

When you write your CFA exam you will not be able to use any calculator of your choice as the CFA has strict regulations as to specifically which calculators you may use.

In fact there is not a wide range of calculators that are authorized for use, actually just the opposite as there are only two makes, with two models within the two manufacturers, viz the Texas Instruments BA II+ (including BA II+ Professional) & the Hewlett Packard 12C (including the HP 12C Platinum) .

This means that you have a choice between four types of financial calculator that you can use in your exam.

Because you are forced to use one of these specific calculators you would be well advised to order one as soon as possible so that you get used to its functions & usability so as to be totally familiar with it when it comes to taking the exam which is hard enough without having the added hassle of trying to figure out the various functions on your calculator.

Below are the only financial calculators that you are authorized to use so you should order yours as soon as possible…

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