CFA the Magic Pass To a Top Job

Could Your CFA Qualification Be Your Ticket To Wealth?

Having your CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) qualification will stand you in good stead & equip you for breaking into the world of finance,asset management, equities, bonds & hedge funds not to mention a sweet salary & top job.

Having a CFA & being a charterholder will definitely boost your career prospects not to mention exposing you to a top salary.

It must be said that just by having passed your CFA exams & being a fully fledged charterholder will not automatically open doors to unlimited wealth, amazing opportunities & exposing you to the levers of financial power.

However if you leverage the power of this qualification, you will almost certainly be in line for a top position in the world of finance.

Just passing Level 1 has proven to be more than useful to getting in the door of blue chip companies as often CFA Level 1 is a prerequisite for the job – order your 2013 CFA LEVEL 1 SCHWESER STUDY NOTES now – they will definitely give you an unfair advantage for passing your level-1 exams

Furthermore, being able to have your CFA Charterholder qualification on your CV will definitely stand you in good stead for a top job & expose you to other prestigious opportunities.

5 Benefits Of Having a CFA Qualification

Whilst passing your CFA, which consists of 3 exams over a 4 year period with a 30% to 40% pass rate, is definitely no walk in the park it certainly has significant benefits for the CFA charterholder, namely;

1. Remuneration
CFA Qualification
A CFA charterholder will almost certainly demand a higher salary than non-charterholders and financial counterparts.

2. Cost Of Completing a CFA

The total cost, in money terms, is significantly less than that of doing an MBA for a similar qualification in terms of prestige & academic value.

3. Job Opportunities

If there are two ostensibly similar candidates, in terms of experience & quality, applying for the same financial analyst job, the candidate with the CFA qualification on their CV will almost certainly get the nod.

Furthermore many companies will include in their recruitment advertisements something along the lines of “CFA or MBA candidates preferred” for senior positions in top pay brackets.

4. Become a Member of the “Club”

A significant benefit of being a CFA charterholder is that you can join the club of successful finance professionals & let their success & expertise rub off on you.

5. Prestige

Due to severity & toughness of getting through the CFA exams, which most people have to study for in their free time while holding down their normal jobs, shows that CFA charterholders are exceptional people who not only have degrees but are able to work hard in difficult, high pressure circumstances.

How To Use Your CFA To Break Into the World Of Finance & Global Markets

CFA CharterholderYou need to leverage this qualification to get the most benefit out of it for you – just having it on your resume is not going to magically elevate your status in the world of finance.

One way of doing this is to “join the club” as mentioned above – this means joining your local CFA society.

Once you’ve done this you will have a platform to start networking which remains one of the best ways to get your name out there.

Don’t underestimate the power of networking.

Networking for CharterholdersIn a way it’s a good thing that it is so under utilized as it will give the proactive networker a huge advantage which could elevate you past all the other eligible candidates in the finance job market.

Being present & active at these networking events not only shows your passion for this lucrative field of investment & finance, but networking with other CFA charterholders is a priceless opportunity to impress & to become known by these people who are in investment management.

Getting in their faces & being visible to these “heads of finance” is what will leverage the power of your CFA to unlock the potential to a successful career.

So joining your local CFA Society (CFA Society in South Africa) should be your first step to networking your way to a top job with a high profile investment company.

If you’ve already passed or have your 2013 CFA LEVEL 1 SCHWESER STUDY NOTES you can order your 2013 CFA LEVEL 2 SCHWESER STUDY NOTES now…


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