Texas Instruments BA II Plus

Texas Instruments BA II Financial Calculator – CFA Approved

The TI BA II Plus Calculator, including the TI BA II Plus Professional, are the only financial calculators (apart from the Hewlett Packard 12C) that are allowed into the CFA exam center.

Furthermore these calculators are not that readily available in South Africa and usually need to be ordered online as they are not your usual “run of the mill” calculators that you will find in your local stationery store or CNA.

Therefore, for South Africans, the best option is to order your calculator from this reputable local supplier at an attractive price.

Furthermore, you can order it online (safe & secure) and have it delivered to your chosen address within a few days.

Get Your Texas Instruments BA II Calculators Here

TI BA II Calculator - CFA ApprovedIf you live in South Africa, you can get your calculator quickly & securely by choosing & clicking on either of the two CFA authorized Texas Instruments calculators below…

…or go directly to Kalahari, where you can order your calculator safely & securely and have it delivered to your doorstep…
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